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3D Extreme Performance Model 3 Floor Mat Perfect for Winter Protection

If you’re looking for a way to protect your Tesla’s interior carpet from getting wet and grime this winter, then our Extreme Performance floor mats are perfect for you.
Durable floor mats are specially designed for the Model 3. Made from durable TPE+XPE material, this floor mat is designed for winter to withstand snow, mud, liquids and whatever else you (or your kids) get in your car.
our Tesla floor mat uses a 3D precise fit to ensure the mat stays in place at all times. This three-dimensional fit also meant that they were able to design high-sided floor mats for maximum protection in carpeted areas of the interior.

If you don’t have Model 3 but are still looking for floor mats, 3D Extreme Performance Floor Mats are also available for Model Y at the same price. pls contact us right now. email:info@litaizj.com

Tesla recently opened its first factory outside the US in Shanghai, China late last year. The construction of the plant continues, the second phase is nearing completion. It looks like Tesla may be considering further expansion.

Post time: Nov-25-2022