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Car floor MATS popularize knowledge

Car floor mat is basically a must-have product for every car need. But the type and quality of the car floor MATS are quite different. Car mats benefits to keep car interior clean from the dirt, ice and snow, dust from the sole of the foot and lock in the channel inside. It also has sound insulation function and must be made of flame retardant material.

1.Common carpet floor mat, this kind of footpad is made of wool or fiber material with good sound insulation function and dust locking ability. Meanwhile, it comes with anti-skid nails in the back. The disadvantage is that, easy to be dirty & need to clean frequently, and it takes long time to dry after cleaning.

2.Common plastic / rubber floor mat, produced by injection molding. According to material quality, the price is different because of different decorative pattern technology, and performance gap is huge. The cheap ones are mostly with poor quality that give off unpleasant smells. The better plastic/rubber mat are designed with heavy duty durable material with deep channel in order to trap dirt. The advantage is that it can be used on the car immediately after cleaning.

3.3D floor mat, this footpad is improved on the basis of ordinary plastic rubber footpad, characterized by 3D modeling and produced by hot pressing. The material is generally hot pressing foam rubber and plastic plate. According to the different plates and processes price gap is relatively large, as well as different quality environmental protection and other indicators. The advantage is it provides MAXI coverage protection. However, it is not good at soil clearance and locking ability, if there is a little wet of shoes, it will become mud. Most of 3D floor mats are large, if it cannot be effectively fixed with the car body, it may affects driving safety once serious displacement.

Post time: Mar-31-2022