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How To Select Your Car Floor Mats

How To Select Your Car Floor Mats

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting a suitable car floor mat.

1. Size and coverage
A properly sized car floor mat will protect with the space in the car. For example, 2 pcs set front mats only cover driver and passenger’s area; 4 pcs set floor mats covers front and rear, approx 70-80% of car interior; 3 pcs set floor mats offers full coverage, approx 90-95% of car interior.

2. Fit
A large number of car owners believe that the harder the car floor mat on the back, the better. But in fact, the harder the back means that it is easier to deform and cause potential safety hazards.
Nowadays, there are many anti-skid car mats on the market. When choosing this kind of car mats, we should choose products with better fit with the ground and soft material, which can increase the friction between the car mats and the floor glue, and the anti-skid effect will be better.

3. Easy to clean
Car floor mats are a good place to hide dirt. The lack of ventilation in the car also promotes the reproduction of bacteria to a greater extent. In this way, regular cleaning of floor mats becomes very important. Therefore, it is a good idea for car owners to choose a car floor mat that is easy to clean.

4. Whether there is peculiar smell
The most basic criterion to measure whether a car floor mat has a bad smell. Especially when the temperature in the car is high, if the car floor mat releases pungent odor, it indicates that the material of this car floor mat includes chemical substances such as chlorinated paraffin, which are very harmful to human body.

Post time: Feb-26-2022