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Tesloid 3D Extreme Performance Model 3 Floor Mat

Winter is here and for much of North America, that means plenty of rain, snow and ice ahead.
If you’re looking for a way to protect your Tesla car’s interior from getting wet and dirty this winter, then Tesloid 3D Extreme Performance floor mats are perfect for you.
Durable floor mats are specially designed for the Model 3. Made from durable TPE material, this floor mat is winter-resistant and will withstand snow, mud, liquids and whatever you (or your kids) get in your car.
Tesloid uses a 3D precise fit to ensure the mat stays in place at all times. This three-dimensional fit also meant that they were able to design the floor mats with high sides to provide maximum protection to the carpeted areas of the interior.
Model 3 3D Extreme Performance Floor Mats are $199.99 with free shipping from Tesloid Canada. Click here to buy.
For our friends south of the border, you can order the 3D Extreme Performance Mat from the US Tesloid store for $159.99 with free shipping.
If you want to cover more than just the front and rear seats, you can also purchase the Model 3 Floor and Cargo Mat Kit for Complete Vehicle Protection, currently $349.97 with free shipping.
The trunk protects the rear seat backrests and luggage compartment, so you’re protected when the rear seats are down.
If you don’t have Model 3 but are still looking for floor mats, 3D Extreme Performance Floor Mats are also available for Model Y at the same price. Click here to buy.


Post time: May-06-2023